Brew #1: Hornindal

Festival in 2019, brewing at Odd Seljeset’s house, where this year’s brew in Hornindal will be taking place.

During the festival one of the places we’ll be showing brewing from is Hornindal, where Stig Seljeset and his friends will show how a traditional kornøl from Hornindal is brewed.

For those who don’t know, kornøl from Hornindal is brewed with juniper infusion, fairly pale malts, noble hops, and kveik. It’s a beer where the wort isn’t boiled, a raw ale, which gives it part of its unique character.

Present for the brewday will be:

  • Stig Seljeset, owner of kveik #22 Stalljen.
  • Olav Sverre Gausemel, owner of kveik #18 Gausemel.
  • Lars Andreas Tomasgård, owner of kveik #21 Tomasgard, and winner of the kornøl brewing championship in 2016 and 2019.
  • Odd Seljeset, brother of Stig and owner of the brewhouse.
  • Arve Raftevold, brother of Terje Raftevold.
  • And who knows, more brewers might pop by.

You’ll be able to ask questions of these guys during the festival.

Making juniper infusion during the 2019 festival brewday.