– ENGLISH program –

There will be a physical festival in Hornindal this year unless Norway heads into a new lockdown. We are pretty sure we can arrange a digital festival like last year no matter what (even if there is no physical festival). So please mark the dates!

Physical festival

Tickets are available at Tikkio.

Raftevold Hotel will be open. A rebate code for rebated rooms will appear here as soon as we get it.

We obviously don’t know what travel restrictions, if any, will be in place in October. Current rules can be found here.

The closest jet airport is Ålesund (AES), although the Ørsta-Volda (HOV) propeller plane airport is even closer.

If the festival is cancelled, or if you are unable to come, we will refund your ticket(s), minus 4% fee for Tikkio.

If you have questions, please email us at post (at) kornolfestival.no

Digital festival

We’ll be back with more information later.