Brewing session

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a real farmhouse brewer brew a real farmhouse ale, this is your chance! It requires the «Brewing+festival» ticket.

The brewing session takes place in a real «eldhus» from the 17th century. An «eldhus» was a kind of rough kitchen, used for bigger jobs like the annual flatbread baking, sausage-making, and brewing. So kornøl has been brewed in this house for centuries.

The brewmaster who will show you how kornøl is brewed is Stig Seljeset. He grew up with kornøl brewing and has brewed it himself for many, many years. He’s also the owner of kveik #22, Stalljen.

During the session you’ll go through the entire process of brewing kornøl:

  • Making juniper infusion
  • Mashing
  • Lautering
  • Cooling
  • Pitching the kveik (complete with screaming)

There will be no boil, because Hornindal kornøl is a raw ale.

There will be hops in the beer, but they will not be boiled, and they are not going to contribute much to the flavour.

Stig will be available throughout the entire session to answer any questions you might have. Other well-known kornøl brewers like Ståle Raftevold and Lars Andreas Tomasgård (kveik #21) will probably drop by.

We will be serving a lunch of traditional Norwegian cured meats and flatbread. We will also of course serve traditional kornøl.


Some impressions from earlier visitors: