Do it yourself

All tickets are sold at Tikkio.

Festival entrance

To get into the festival you need the «Weekend pass». That gets you into the festival both Friday and Saturday.

If you want to also get into the brewing session you need the «Brewing pass» ticket. It’s also possible to buy «Weekend pass» + «Brewing only».


Odds are you’ll want somewhere to stay. Hotel Raftevold is walking distance  from the festival, with breakfast included. You can’t book rooms via their website, but you can email them at and book the room that way. You need to mention the code HKORN23 so they know you’re from the festival.


You can fly into Ålesund airport (AES), which is a jet airport, or into Ørsta/Volda airport (HOV), which is for propeller planes only. Ørsta/Volda is closer to the festival.

There is bus from Ålesund airport to Volda, and from Volda to Hornindal. There is also bus from Ørsta/Volda airport to Volda.


You can buy lunch and dinner at the festival. Havila Hotel Raftevold, within walking distance from the festival, also sells both lunch and dinner.