Do it yourself

This is the less expensive way to see the festival, but you’ll miss the kornøl brewing session.

All tickets are sold at Tikkio.

Festival entrance

To get into the festival you need the “Weekend pass“. That gets you into the festival both Friday and Saturday.


Odds are you’ll want somewhere to stay. You can organize that yourself, or you can buy accomodation from us. Accomodation tickets are on Tikkio.

We offer double rooms in the guest house at Knausen Hyttegrend in two sizes (small for 1000 NOK, large for 1200 NOK). Toilet and showers are available. The guest house is about 2.8km from the festival. Transport will be arranged.

A cheaper option is a double room in a cabin with two rooms at Knausen Hyttegrend, for 900 NOK. You risk having to share with whoever has the other room, unless you’re a group and book two rooms. There is bathroom, shower, and a simple kitchen. 2.8km from the festival. We arrange transport, and you can also walk.

Hotel rooms are now sold out, unless you buy “Brewing + festival”.


You can handle this yourself, or you can buy the “Transport” ticket from us. That includes bus from Ålesund airport Friday October 11 at 1630 to Hornindal, and bus from the festival back to Ålesund airport arriving Sunday October 13 no later than 1530.


You can buy lunch and dinner at the festival. Havila Hotel Raftevold, within walking distance from the festival, also sells both lunch and dinner.