Take the boat to Hornindal

Are you wondering how to get to the festival or just planning to see more of the beautiful fjords of Norway during the visit?

Fjord intersection where Hjørundfjord splits into a separate fjord arm Norangsfjorden

We will also this year have the boat MS Bruvik available to transfer visitors from the city of Ålesund and in the spectacular Hjørundfjorden. The boat will take us to Øye where a bus will drive through the narrow valley of Norangsdalen and to Hornindal. The whole trip including return bus on the 8. October is included in the boat ticket.

A local guide will be joining the whole way to tell you stories about life in the fjord, mountains, and small villages along the way.

Tickets for 1200 NOK per person can be purchased here: https://tikkio.com/tickets/43681-norsk-kornolfestival-2024

The boat MS Bruvik at the village Øye where the boat trip ends.

Thursday 5. October

Map of the trip from Ålesund to Hornindal.

12:00: The boat leaves from Ålesund harbor, by the bus station. Right next to the brewpub Molo Brew.

The spacious boat have large indoor and outdoor areas where it is possible to buy snacks and drinks (including beer).

On the way in Hjørundfjorden we will pass road less villages and small communities. The guide will tell some dramatic stories along the way about the life under steep mountains.

The small village of Trandal has 7 permanent residents and possibly the world’s most famous swing. In addition, they have a pub, restaurant, rock, country and blues festival.

Norangsfjorden is an arm of Hjørundfjord. On the picture you see the village Urke and the end destination Øye in the back of the photo. On the left side is the popular and frequently visited mountain Slogen.

14:00: The end destination of the boat trip is the village of Øye where we will make a stop at the historic Hotel Union. It will be possible to get some refreshments at the salon and have a look around the hotel.

Hotel Union Øye was opened in 1891 and was from the opening frequently visited by royals and celebrities from all over Europe. Emperor Wilhelm II was a frequent guest and left his bathtub in one of the rooms.

15:00: The bus will continue through the narrow and spectacular valley of Norangsdalen. We will make a couple of stops at some beautiful sites along the way.

A narrow part of the road through Norangsdalen

Lygnstøylvatnet was formed after an huge rock slide in 1908 damming up the river. It is still possible to see the foundation of small houses through the clear water.

Sunday 6. October

08:15: The bus departs from Hotel Raftevold.

10:45: The bus arrives at Ålesund airport, Vigra (AES).