Talk by Martin Thibault

Martin drinking sahti in Hämeenkyrö, Finland.

Martin Thibault has been seeking out farmhouse brewers all over the world for almost one decade now. He writes about his finds on his blog, in American beer magazines, and in French-language books.

Over the years he has visited farmhouse brewers in Lithuania, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Peru, Bolivia, Bhutan, and Ethiopia.

During the festival Martin will give a talk on what he’s found on his travels. The talk will be at 2030, European time.

Beyond Kveik: 3 Unexplored Hotspots for Heirloom Brewing Yeasts

Traditional farmhouse beer cultures thrive to this day, hiding in
plain sight from the Western world. Although their ingredients and
recipes vary from ours, one thing unites these three hotspots with
Norway’s own deeply-rooted brewing culture: they each have
unfathomable quantities of their own heirloom yeast blends.

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