Voss Bryggeri

Voss Bryggeri.

Voss Bryggeri ble startet opp midt i et av kraftsentrene for norsk gårdsbrygging av tre venner, hvorav en selv er gårdsbrygger. De var det første norske bryggeriet som brygget med kveik, og har vært langt framme hele tiden siden.

Voss Bryggeri sponset Kornølfestivalens årsmøte på Voss i år, som vi er veldig takknemlige for.

English: Voss Bryggeri was started by three friends in Voss, one of the major centres for Norwegian farmhouse brewing. One of the three founders is a farmhouse brewer himself. They were the first Norwegian brewery to brew with kveik commercially, and have been a leading commercial brewer of farmhouse ales ever since.

Voss Bryggeri also sponsored the festival board’s annual meeting in Voss this year, for which we are very grateful.

The beers:

  • Vossaøl 7.5% – a voss-style farmhouse ale with #2 Rivenes kveik and juniper infusion. One long-time farmhouse brewer approved this as being «as close as you can get to vossaøl in a commercial brewery.»
  • Kveika Rugøl 7% – a rye-based beer fermented with #2 Rivenes kveik at 40C, using some demerara sugar and smoked malts. In the book «Norges 100 beste øl 2018» expert judges put this beer in 9th place out of 269 beers.
  • Jolabrygg 6.5% – another take on vossaøl, boiled in copper kettle, and based on local recipes with juniper infusion and #2 Rivenes kveik. A bit more carbonation than traditional beers have.
  • Frankenkveik 7.5% – an India Wee Heavy fermented with a mix of kveiks from Voss, Stordal, Hornindal, Sykkylven, and Stranda.
  • Haand i hånd 6.3% – a collaboration with Haandbryggeriet, brewed in a traditional eldhus (brewhouse) in Voss, with 5% stjørdal-style malts, 10% unmalted barley from Voss, boiled for 2.5 hours. Fermented with #2 Rivenes.