Digital festival on October 10!

Since there will be no physical festival this year we’ve decided to arrange a digital alternative on Crowdcast. The festival will be a whole-day digital festival with live brewing, live malting, presentations, judging the farmhouse ale brewing championship, and more. The festival will be bilingual: most of the content will be in English, but some will be in Norwegian.

The festival will show live brewing of three kinds of Norwegian farmhouse ale, each in the area that it comes from. We will show you brewing of

  • Kornøl (raw ale with kveik) in Hornindal
  • Heimabrygg (boiled ale with kveik) in Voss
  • Stjørdalsøl (heavily smoked ale with «decoction») in Stjørdal

In addition, we will also show live drying of farmhouse malts in the traditional Stjørdal manner.

All of the beers will be brewed by local farmhouse brewers with long experience in brewing their local farmhouse ale style. There will also be some more local brewmasters dropping by. You can ask questions of the brewers and maltsters throughout the day, and also of the brewing historian chairing the festival.

There will also be the following talks:

  • «The past and future of beer yeast», by Jan Steensels at KU Leuven, describing their very detailed research into kveik. They isolated and analyzed more than 1000 strains of yeast from many kveik cultures.
  • Sissel Brunstad, a Norwegian author from the kornøl brewing region, will also do a talk.
  • We are working on adding a third talk, to be announced.

We expect the entire broadcast to take 12 hours, to be shown in multiple sessions. (For reasons of licensing, it looks like one session of 2 hours now. That will be extended later.)

A detailed schedule will be coming later.

Attending the digital festival will be free of charge. However, arranging it is not free for us, so donations to the festival are very welcome.

To sign up, go to the Crowdcast event page, or you can wait for us to announce the locations for live-streaming, probably on Youtube and Facebook.