Festival program (English)

Farmhouse brewers

Serving farmhouse ale, and giving away kveik.

At the festival 20-30 farmhouse brewers will be serving their beers. These are not commercial brewers, but people who have brew in the original farmhouse tradition for themselves, their family, and friends. You will be able to talk to the brewers and ask them questions. Some will bring their family yeast (kveik) to the festival, maintained by the family for generations.

The beers will be in various regional styles, including kornøl (local raw ale) and probably also traditional styles from other regions.


Microbiologist Richard Preiss presenting his work on kveik

There will be presentations about farmhouse ale in Norwegian and English.

Demonstration brew

There will be a live demonstration of farmhouse brewing in the festival hall. This year Mika Laitinen, a leading sahti expert, will show how Finnish sahti is brewed.

Commercial beers

In the evening Norwegian commercial brewers will be serving their commercial brews with kveik and traditional ingredients.

Full brewing session

Cauldron on the fire

For those who buy the “brewing+festival” tickets, there will also be a full demonstration of brewing kornøl (the local farmhouse style) with a brewer who’s grown up in the tradition and has his own kveik. This will take place in a traditional brewhouse outside the festival.

Martyn Cornell’s account of the 2017 session.


The view from the hotel.

Some impressions from earlier visitors: