October 11th & 12th Hornindal, Western Norway

Want to experience the tradition of Norwegian farmhouse ales in a stunning setting?  Come to Norsk Kornølfestival, the only festival dedicated to traditional farmhouse ale.

The festival program has more details about what happens at the festival.

You will need:

1. Tickets
2. Transportation (flight + shuttle)
3. Accomodation


There are two options: just the festival, or the festival plus a full, live demonstration of real farmhouse ale brewing in a traditional brewhouse together with an experienced farmhouse brewer.

The festival is Friday 11 Oct and Saturday 12 Oct. For the demonstration brew you can choose between the session on Friday or the session on Sunday.

You can buy tickets here.

«Brewing+festival» gives you entrance to the festival, one demonstration brew session, a double hotel room, and transport to/from the airport. Buy the 2-person option to share a double room.

«Helgepass» gives you entrance to the festival two days. Transport and accomodation can be bought separately.


Fly to Ålesund (AES), for example with Norwegian Air or SAS via Oslo. We recommend Norwegian Air DY 410 from Oslo, landing at 16:05 on Thursday (10 Oct) for the brewing session on Friday, or Friday (11 Oct) for the brewing session on Sunday.

Your return flight out of AES should leave Sunday 13 Oct if you have brewing on Friday, or Monday 14 Oct after 1600 if you have brewing on Sunday.

Shuttle to/from airport

We have arranged transportation to Hornindal on Thursday (10 Oct) and Friday (11 Oct). Please arrive no later than 16:30. Departure from AES Sunday 13 Oct or Monday 14 Oct after 1600. Buy «Transport» ticket here.

Look for a man in the airport terminal holding a sign that says “Norsk Kornølfestival”.

If you buy «brewing+festival» transportation is included.


We have booked the local hotel in Hornindal, so that you can buy a hotel room via us. Buy «Double hotel room» here to get a hotel from Friday to Sunday. If you buy «brewing+festival» hotel room is included.


If you have questions, contact us on kornol@garshol.priv.no or on Facebook.